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Who we are

Yarpa Indigenous Business
and Employment Hub

The NSW Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC) has partnered with the Australian Government, under the Indigenous Business Sector Strategy (IBSS), to design and deliver the Yarpa Indigenous Business and Employment Hub (Yarpa Hub).

The Yarpa Hub is helping build a strong, diverse, and self-supporting Indigenous business sector that will empower Indigenous people and place Indigenous business owners and their communities in the driver’s seat of their economic future.

The Yarpa Hub has been designed a one-stop-shop for Indigenous businesses, entrepreneurs and job seekers to build relationships and connect Indigenous people to business and employment opportunities across NSW. Our clients will receive a single point of contact via our highly skilled Hub Coaches to discuss their business needs and build a clear path towards their business or employment goals.

The Yarpa Hub will also support buyers wishing to engage Indigenous businesses or jobseekers in their supply chain to allow them to meet their procurement or employment targets.